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To avoid cracking at the fold or in the coating, scoring is recommendedfor all paper weights upwards of 150 g/m² using a creasing channel. Wheneverpossible, it is best to score the paper perpendicular to the grain.

To score the paper, take:
a creasing channel with a width equal to twice the thickness of the paper + the thickness of the creasing knife,

a channel depth of the same thickness as the paper,

a creasing knife allowing penetration equal to the thickness of the paper.

The thickness of the creasing knife depends on the thickness of the paper.

For the best possible creasing, the knife used to form the fold line should not be forced too deeply into the creasing channel. Instead the pressure should be finely adjusted by trial and error.
The aim is to alter the form of the paper without crushing the fibres.
For fine work (double scoring, for example), laminating may be the answer.

Diagram of
a creasing form

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